Data Analysis

As VFL survey data continues to be uploaded, data visualisations and graphics are produced to aid countries in their analysis of the data. Data can be disaggregated by country, community, urban/rural, gender, age, and disability. The analysis of the data provides key findings to all the stakeholders in the community, as well as the local and national government. 

750 Community Action Plans

Once analysed, the data is brought back to the community. Local meetings comprising of community representatives, members from the local government bodies and community-based organisations, validate the data and design and implement evidence-based actions to build their own communities’ resilience.

50 National Reports

National Coordinating Organisations, along with their National Advisory Committee, draft a national report which outline findings from the local level. The national report is an action plan, with recommendations for key actions that national stakeholders, including government authorities, should take towards enhancing capacities, providing access to information and resources and increasing scope of participation of the stakeholders in the national resilience-building process. The national report also acta as an advocacy tool for the national stakeholders.

50 National Workshops

Country leads organise national workshops that bring together key national stakeholders, such as members from academia, civil society organisations, law makers, the private sector and national government decision-makers, to discuss the findings of the VFL project, validate the findings and come out with a plan to address issues pertaining to resilience.